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The Turbo Experience

  It’s no secret - I have become a Samsung convert. I used to be easily enamored with most any new phone. But since becoming a Samasung convert, not many phones have really grabbed my attention. There have been many that have passed the test and would be good for an average user. But for…
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Verizon / Samsung Preview Party

That's So Cool People tell me all the time how cool it is that I get to review new tech for Verizon. I tell them it’s cool and fun, but remind them that I have to return it all, and I’m left wanting the newest item. That part isn’t so fun.  I recently experienced another…
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5 Reasons you Need a Jetpack from Verizon

#5  Road Warrior Woes Whether  you travel for business or you're just hitting the road with the family for the summer,  WiFi  connections can be a complete source of frustration and pain. Many hotels offer "free" WiFi. They can be  slower than dial up speed, while they tout the use of  a higher speed.   #4…
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