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What is social media?

Websites that empower users to share information, pictures and more are social media.  Popular examples include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

Working with the Outreach and Engagement Office at USI we continually develop professional training for you and your staff.

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Social Media Policy

A company that decides not to address social media has already chosen a policy – the policy of not having a voice in new media.

Their employees, their competitors, and their customers are already engaged in social media.

Developing your social media policy builds your brand and empowers your employees.  You give your customers a voice and build a stronger relationship with them.

Need to Learn More?
We offer training, both individual and group, so you can learn how to make the best use of social media.


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Dana jump-started our social media presence. She took the time to understand our business history, our industry and our overall marketing goals. She worked with us to get us set up on the most popular social media platforms, provided direction and guidance on posting strategies, and taught us how to leverage our team members’ abilities to utilize the different platforms. She provided a good deal of necessary hand-holding in the beginning as she trained us and empowered us to connect with our clients, vendors and friends online in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. Casey Valiant, Creative Director at AmeriStamp SIGN-A-Rama 

Dana rises above the Social Media snake-oil sales-ish companies to provide REAL education on how YOU and your business can communicate, engage, and build community on these mediums.  Read that YOU part again because it’s important.Dave Huffman ,Content Webmaster e-Business for Deaconess Health System

Dana does not go over the top in social media training. She makes things easy to understand and easy to implement in the social media world. Anyone who stitches their Twitter name in their clothes is alright in my book. :-)Kyle Lacy Principal of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget, Author, Speaker

As social media becomes more crucial for businesses Dana Nelson is there to meet the demand head on. Relentless in her desire to utilize the medium, she is leading the way in the implementation of this relatively new format in Evansville and the Tri-State area. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more capable of working for your business if you want to stay connected or relevant in this high tech frontier. I highly recommend her. –Nathan Jochum, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library

“I have known Dana for several years.  Her wisdom and guidance has been integral in helping me to better understand the power and importance of social media in today’s economy and to establish my professional presence online.  I am pleased and honored to recommend Dana M Nelson to you.”Doug Briody, Attorney at Law

Congratulations to Dana M. Nelson on her new endeavor!! Met her at USI a few months ago and love her approach to social media!Steve Radick , Vice President, Public Relations at Cramer-Krasselt