Beautiful Design and Out of This World Camera Features Make the Galaxy S7 a Winner


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It is no secret that I’m a fan of Samsung products. I reviewed almost all of the Samsung Galaxy S models, falling in love with each one more deeply than the last. So what’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S7 by Verizon? Plenty! There are so many new features and so many new things to cover.

Beautiful Design

Let’s start with the looks. Just wow. It’s by far one of the most beautiful phones on the market. I was given the gold, model which really is more like a platinum color, to test and it’s just a gorgeous phone. Of course, most people put their phones in case and that covers up much of the beauty of the phone. But I found a workaround. The day I sent the phone back to FedEx, I purchased the same phone. I put the gold S7 in a clear case by Speck, which is “Military-Grade protection that meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop Tested standards.” I also applied a Zagg Invisibleshield Glass screen protector. Love the lifetime guarantee on this product. If you scratch or chip the glass, they will send you a new one!  

In just 24 hours, at least 10 people commented on how beautiful my phone is.

Camera: Dual-pixel technology

The camera is by far my favorite most useful feature on this phone.

Most smartphones take beautiful photos. It’s just a given. So what makes this one unique? Dual-pixel technology.  What is that? Well, previously you only found this in DSLR cameras. This is the first instance of dual-pixel technology in a smartphone. What does that mean for you? You can leave the DSLR and your iPhone at home.

But seriously.  For you, it means rapid auto-focus, which gives you faster shooting capabilities while producing premium image quality, even in low light situations. At the private Samsung party held at the Evansville Verizon Wireless store, the Samsung rep did a great job demonstrating this. She challenged one of the guests with an iPhone to a shoot out. The true-to-color difference was incredible. The zoom was way better and there just was no comparison in the low light test.

nαтαℓιє ʝσѕт on Twitter

Samsung cameras are way better than my iPhone. #VZEvansville

The Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone with dual-pixel technology, so it captures better photos in low-light environments and focuses faster than the blink of an eye.

The golden sun made it look more yellow. White magnolia.

See this Instagram photo by @danamnelson * 7 likes

I love to take photos of flowers. I also like getting really close. In the past I have found this to be challenging. If the flower moves at all in the wind, the shot is blurry. I usually back out farther than I want and zoom in. It helps getting clearer, more in-focus photos. With this camera, I was snapping pics all over the place in high winds and really close up. The dual-pixel technology was able to grab the image and take clear, close-range shots that were moving!

The wind was blowing. No time to focus, yet the result is stunning. #nofilter @SamsungMobileUS #S7

See this Instagram photo by @danamnelson * 7 likes

Camera: Add ons There are some amazing camera add ons that you can download from the Samsung store. They are free, but you do need a Samsung account, which is also free. I want to cover two of them for you. Animated GIF camera and the Surround Shot. There are some others that are well worth the time to investigate – these were just my favorite. Camera: Animated GIF20160417_153046 Ok – I have to admit something. When GIFs started making a comeback I was a tad worried. I remember a time when GIF on your website was all the rage… Wait! What? Some are still around? Ok, so this is what I was afraid of: I also confess that even as a tech person, I find making your own GIFs time consuming and annoying. There are more and more programs out there that will let you make them, but uploading them is often a challenge.  The Animated GIF app is a free download that is so super-simple to use. You just hold down the shutter button and the phone automatically stitches them together. Go to the gallery and share on your favorite social network, or email it to a friend. Camera: Surround Shot At the Verizon store, they showed us a virtual tour of a local area using the Gear VR and the Samsung Galaxy S7.  The sales rep told us about Surround Shot. Again, it’s a free app that you download. Capturing a Surround Shot is easy, but takes some patience. It shows you a grid with a circle and a dot. When you pan the camera over to get the dot right in the center of the circle, the camera captures an image. Then the grid has blue arrows showing you which way to go to get the next dot in the circle. You go all the way around in a circle. Once an initial 360 degree shot is taken, you start over moving up or down on the grid until you have captured the entire view. This can be viewed on the phone or used in the Gear VR.   Surround Shot: An issue I first noticed that when you try to text or email a Surround Shot, it sends it as a really flat squishy .jpg. I looked online and didn’t find much. This blog by Alex Dobie was the best I found. He suggests that you share it to Google +, which converts it and maintains the image. 

Dana M. Nelson – Google+


Camera: Double Tap to Take a Shot

Ever needed to take a photos really quickly, you grab your phone and unlock, only it doesn’t? So you do it again and this time you opened another app because you were stil swiping and it had already opened. Then you finally get the camera open and your shot is gone. Sound familiar? The Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, and the Galaxy S7 edge all have the double tap to take a shot feature. You simply hit the home button 2 times and your camera is open and ready.

S6 Issues Resolved

Remember my S6 review? It was a deal breaker for me for a phone not have an SD card. The S7 has a SD card slot! And with this camera, you are going to need it! I also only noticed a few times, and only with continuous use, did it get hot. Well done Samsung!

As you noticed, I had to buy it. I was so impressed with the photos, ease of use, and the beauty of this phone, I just had to own it. If you are looking to upgrade to a really powerful phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is my top pick! Click here to view the current deals for Verizon that make buying this phone a little easier.





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