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Businesses: Overcome Your Personality Disorder

Guest Post today by Jeremy Secrest “Wah, wah, wah.” - all the grownups in the Charlie Brown shows. Is that what your potential customers are hearing when you talk? Are they not connecting with your message? Maybe your personality (or lack of one) is getting in the way. Personality can seem like a fluffy term for…
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Follow Last Launch on Twitter

  Last shuttle launch of STS135 planned for 11:26am EDT today.   Follow it in REAL TIME by going to twitter. No need to sign up, just go to and type  #STS135 (Or just Click that link)   You will see tweets from NASA, Mews media, Space geeks and from the selected twitter users…
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The Corporate Breakup

When I ran a computer consulting business, I started noticing some trends with businesses that were confusing to me. We don’t like change, even if it is good, even if it saves us money and time. That fear of change makes us very forgiving. We fear conflict that ultimately leads to change. For example, old…
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