Dana single-handedly built an entire marketing platform for my company in Evansville. I have never experienced such passion for an event as Dana exhibited during our time in her city. She is organized, passionate, and over-the-top awesome!

Kyle Lacy, Head of Marketing Strategy, Venture Capital, Digital Marketing Speaker, Author

Dana jump-started our social media presence. She took the time to understand our business history, our industry and our overall marketing goals. She worked with us to get us set up on the most popular social media platforms, provided direction and guidance on posting strategies, and taught us how to leverage our team members' abilities to utilize the different platforms. She provided a good deal of necessary hand-holding in the beginning as she trained us and empowered us to connect with our clients, vendors and friends online in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way.

Casey Valiant, Owner, Signarama Evansville

Dana M. Nelson is a recognized leader in our community when it comes to social media. "Guru" is a word I hear a lot in reference to Dana and her work, and for good reason. Dana is extremely knowledgeable in all matters of social media and stays on the cutting edge. She has a proven track record of success and has left her mark on the Evansville community and beyond, both through her work, and through her community involvement.

John Farless, Director of University Communications at University of Southern Indiana

Dana did an amazing presentation at Bibby’s national sales meeting in January and I was personally very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and activity in the social media arena. She has given me some great ideas and suggestions as to how to really improve the results from my social media activities and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Ian Varley, CEO at Eagle Business Credit