The first step

The first step:

I’m not a blogger. I keep telling myself this. I know about it, I encourage others to find their voice, I love to talk, I love to share, so why then am I not a blogger?

The answer is probably many things. Afraid, is the first one that comes to mind. Afraid I will say something stupid, afraid I will hurt a feeling, afraid I will be found out to be human, and not perfect… Afraid to try.

 So today is the day I say “hello world: I am Dana M. Nelson. Human extraordinaire, about to dive into the world of sharing my passions, my knowledge and misadventures with you!

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11 years ago

Hopefully you can keep helping others to find their own voice well expanding yours…become a blogger and say something with value! Much better than two second twitter or facebook updates…the world says hi back by the way!


9 years ago

YMMD with that aenswr! TX


9 years ago

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