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#SocialSuccess – Facebook Video Upload vs YouTube

Today on 44 News This Morning I talk with Melissa Schroeder about which is better: Posting a link to YouTube or Uploading your video Directly to Facebook. Watch to find out how to get the maximum impact from your videos! Facebook Video Posting - 44News This MorningSocial Success: Talking about the value of posting videos directly…
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Facebook’s New “Pick Friends” Feature

Have you seen Facebook's new "Pick Friends" feature? Facebook is messing with the algorithms again and rolling out a number of new features that will help them better understand what you want in your newsfeed. One of these changes is simple; you should see a box like the one below pop-up in your news feed.…
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Endorphins & Feeling Better

About a year ago I had my second child. Parenting and a new baby can sure increase stress and put you in a self neglect rut. I am the proof! I'm just now coming up for air and taking stock of things, 11 months later. Stress and overexertion has been the name of the game for me…
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