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Dana M. Nelson Selected as
a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert

 Evansville, Southern Indiana, northwest Kentucky marketing expert to help small businesses and nonprofits maximize marketing success

 EVANSVILLE, IN — Nov 2014 – Dana M. Nelson, has been selected as an Authorized Local Expert by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than 650,000 small organizations worldwide. As an Authorized Local Expert, Dana will offer training seminars on best practices in online marketing in the Evansville, Southern Indiana, Southwest Kentucky area.

Constant Contact Authorized Local Experts are dedicated to educating small businesses, nonprofits, and organizations on how to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. These experts are authorized by Constant Contact to deliver seminars because of their proven expertise, passion, and commitment to helping small businesses and nonprofits in their local community.

Dana will host free seminars and training workshops in the Evansville, Southern Indiana, and northwest Kentucky area focused on using marketing strategies to find new prospects, engage key audiences, drive dialogue, and build relationships. These strategies include a framework that shows how different marketing campaign types all fit together, to deeper dives into the specific campaigns and tactics: newsletters and announcements, offers and promotions, online listings, events and registrations, feedback, and mobile.

“We are thrilled to have Dana as part of the Authorized Local Experts program,” said Catherine Kniker, vice president of local success at Constant Contact. “We believe education and training on marketing best practice leads to more success for small organizations. Our Authorized Local Experts are in a fantastic position to serve their local community by sharing their expertise and our successful, educational know-how.”

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